from modeling to inference.

from modeling to inference.

A total solution for Polygenic Rick Score

A total solution for Polygenic Rick Score

TW23 integrated different datasets produce multiple performance results among the six PRS algorithms. You can find the best solution through the analysis results provided by the platform.

PRS Builder

3 steps to efficiently

build a PRS model

PRS Runner

Authoritative and
ready-to-use PRS models
for precision health

I would like to start Clinical PRS Resesarch , but…

✅ I want to start a PRS study, but I don’t know how to do it.

✅ I am a research physician, but I do not familiar with the bioinformatics tools.

✅ I have a huge dataset, but I don’t have the budget to buy computing resources.

✅ I’m a physician but I don’t know how to develop a good PRS solution to help my patients.

✅ I’m a bioinformatics engineer at a genomics center or a medical center, but I can’t help many physicians develop their research at the same time.

One-stop TW23 PRS Builder Solution

Build PRS model in 3 steps

An integrated cloud-based platform for analyzing human genotype data

  • GWAS (genome-wide association studies)
    PLINK 2.0 pagckage, a comprehensive genome association analysis tool for population genetics.
  • 6 PRS Mainstream Algorithms
    ✓ Clumping and Thresholding
    ✓ Lassosum
    ✓ LDPred2
    ✓ GenEpi
    ✓ PRS-CS
    ✓ PRSice2
  • Variant annotation
    TW23 also integrates the variant annotation automatically for the candidate SNPs from GWAS and PRS analyses using Ensembl Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) and biomedical literature mining from pubmedKB.

Interactive visualization of GWAS and PRS Results

Product Features


The user-friendly server is developed to facilitate discovery for the genetic variants associated with complex traits and diseases using the popular tool PLINK 2.0 package.


TW23 conducts several popular PRS algorithms to estimate the genetic liability to the complex traits and diseases according to their genotype profile and relevant GWAS data.


TW23 provides an intuitive user interface for information to annotate functional effects of variants with relevant literature using natural language processing approaches.


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Understanding the genetic basis of human complex diseases is increasingly important in the development of precision medicine.

”In the past two decades, the successes of GWAS not only drive the discovery of deleterious mutations linked to certain disease phenotypes but also imply a general pattern of polygenicity of common disease.“
Genet. 101, 5–22. ; Genetics 187, 367–383.

”Many common diseases that conform to polygenic inheritance are underpinned by multiple genetic variants with small or moderate effects.“
Nat. Genet. 51, 1339–1348.

”Utilization of causative risk alleles based on the GWAS discoveries for disease risk prediction has become the potential to stratify patients for precision prevention.“
Genet. 17, 392–406. ;  JAMA Psychiatry 78, 101–109.

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