Maximizing efficiency of identify the hidden cause

inherited disorder and shape safer family

Accelerated Making Clinical Decision with Omics Data

Maximizing efficiency of identify the

the hidden cause inherited disorder

and shape safer family

Accelerated Making Clinical Decision

with Omics Data

Walk the Long Journey with You Before Finding Answer

Most of the genomics analysis report will end-up with only 30% of the samples could get clinical significance in the first analysis and rest of them need reanalysis in next 3 to 6 months.

With GenDiseak, we try to deliver accurate insights to shorten the time and reduce the manpower resource in routine jobs.


One-stop shopping for expert-validated data analysis flow.

  • Inherited deafness
  • Inherited retinal diseases
  • BRCA1/2

Cut-down the resources associated with analysis, interpretation, and reporting.

GenDiseak employed state-of-the-art natural language processing technology to identified the associations between phenotypes and genes from over 30 million publication. Therefore, the virtual matched-phenotype gene  panel will be generated based on the clinical description you gave.  With this virtual panel, we will help you focus on the importance.

GenDiseak developed auto-assignment ACMG flow performing conscientious and  reliable interpretation. Our evidence pool is not limited to public databases but include private accumulation information from credible research lab.

Each variant will be dressed in evidence-based contents, and we will take you walk though all criteria to make sure all reported information can be summarized with confidence.

Performing and well-organized dozens of variant-related biomedical information from over 80 published databases. Furthermore, the annotation flow will atomically engage with pubmedKB databases to sort out the up-to-date reported information which is not noting in databases yet.

Scalable compute power grows with the overseas expanding plan.

Our cloud platform’s infrastructure, applications, and operations have been developed to comply and align with ISO27001 and running by an experience industry-level group. Additionally, GenDiseak has extensive experience helping our customers meet specific requirements on deploying qualified analysis environment in overseas operation resource.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology and Various Omics Data Source

Support up-to-date sequencing technique platform and performing insight by integrating different level of omics data.

Bioinformatic Marketplace for Downsizing Effort on Workflow Development

With modularized bioinformatics tools for different clinical application, users can realize their workflow design without script, command line and error shooting.

AI Teams Partnership for Developing Breakthrough Analysis Tools

Not only satisfied with the weapon provided by other researchers. We hosted a group of AI experts for developing new data analysis strategies with you.


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