AI-assisted genomic analysis

AI-assisted genomic analysis

Speeding up genomic diagnosis

Speeding up genomic diagnosis

and reporting

and reporting

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By using TAIGenomics, you can easily organize an entire genome, analyze it using a standard modular process, allowing for easy genomic analysis and clinical diagnosis.


TAIGenomics provides a modular analysis process that automatically compares medical literature, reducing the cost for genomic diagnosis and reporting


Flexible systems

The memory and processing resources required for genomic analysis can be established on the cloud or right in the hospital

A standardized, modular process

Simplify diagnosis and result interpretation using a graphical user interface

Greatly improved genomic analysis efficiency

Speeding up genomic diagnosis, increasing the detection rate

A human oriented AI philosophy

Improving the quality of medicine by collaborating with clinical physicians and placing the patients first


Minimally invasive surgeries, a widely hailed recent healthcare breakthrough, has strengthened the belief of medical professionals that technological advances can significantly enhance the quality of treatment on top of extending patient longevity. Driven by the motive to create a novel experience that will define the future of AI-assisted medicine, Taiwan AI Labs, a government supported organization, is empowering the healthcare realm with its medical image and data analysis solutions.

“Taiwan AI Labs is the first non-profit AI research initiative in Asia and strives to empower the area of healthcare,” states Ethan Tu, Founder of Taiwan AI Labs. Earlier in his career, the industry veteran had served as the Principal Development Manager of software giant Microsoft Corporation and even…….

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